Kosmik Lunatikmember
58 posts
Location: mass

Any one going to A Christmas Treat in Jamaica New York Dec 15. Supposed to be goodpeace

Lil kINGmember
7 posts
Location: Shamong, NJ, USA

Dude im going to be there. its goin to be crazy
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i hear theres supposed to be 15000 ppl in a huge concert stadium sorta thing
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i cant wait. are you bringin any sorta fire equipment with you cos im still thinkin about. we should def hook up and get some sort of spinning circle going. its going to be so sweet. email me if that sounds good
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NaganootchAKA CLERIC
172 posts
Location: Staten Island , NY. USA

Ummm does anyone have more info on this thing,, cause it sounds cool just because other spinners would be there. But i'd like a little more info so i could exlain to my family that i'm not heading into the city with no direction on where i am going.

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