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Location: Ypsilanti, Mi 48947
Member Since: 11th Oct 2001
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Posted:Having just moved to the near area of Ann Arbor Mi, I am looking for anyone whom may live near or around the area to practice/play with....don't be shy, come out and play

old hand
Location: san diego
Member Since: 27th Jul 2001
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Posted:hey there traveler, there are 2 other people registered in ann arbor, go to the meet others section and it has their e-mail adresses. hope tha thelped.

anyone got a light?

Location: San Diego
Member Since: 8th Jun 2001
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Posted:There is a small group of us that meet in Detroit on Sundays for Spin Jams. We give both poi and staff instrucation as well as hang out and practice. Periodically we perform with bands, in clubs and at art openings, if you are interested in joining us email me and I will give you details.[This message has been edited by firefabulon (edited 06 November 2001).]


Location: Michigan usa..(cold and wet)
Member Since: 15th Apr 2006
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Posted:hey from mich here look for people spin with and learn more of the art form.....


Member Since: 24th Feb 2009
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Posted:I'm in michigan...
check out my blog If oyur interested=)


Master Ryan
Master Ryan

Location: Lansing, MI USA
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Posted:From Lansing looking for people to practice with...

- Master Ryan


All High Dude, Ruler of What You Want
Location: Trenton, MI, USA
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Posted:I'm in Trenton near Detroit, love to practice with someone, how come everything wanting to meet people seems to be people from Michigan?

The only luck is bad luck.

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