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Hello All!I'm currently working at a hostel on Nantucket Island (off Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA) and have permission to burn on the beach near where I live. I've had lots of great burns there with the ocean waves and sometimes full moon and live drumming. I'd like to put together a weekend for people to come out here and get together for some good fire sessions and hanging out time. We've been discussing the possiblity among some of the Boston fire people and I thought I'd extend the invitation to others as well. It would cost $19/night for people and it would be for dorm accomodations. I'd be able to cover most, if not all, of the food expenses since I wouldn't have to travel to get here. And I'd have my handy dandy burn permit for legal permformance on the beach. Right now we are looking at the first weekend in October because September is already pretty booked up. Any one interested in joining us? Any New Yorkers interested in making a trip north? Get in touch and let's talk more - l.welch@utoronto.caCheers- Lindsay

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The official dates have now been set for this and we are going to be getting together the second weekend in October (12-14th) on Nantucket for a weekend of crazy fire burning fun. Anyone is invited to join us. Just let me know if you are going to be comingcheers-

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there once was a poier in nantucketwho put some kero in a fuel bucketshe dipped her toyslit up with a noisetried the 5 beat weave and stuck it!

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