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Posted:I just wanted to say to Jus Aname, Katinca, and Josh that I really enjoyed meeting you guys you are great people and you opened my eyes a lot into the world of fire, especially Josh's double staves, that was amazing.Jus Aname, sorry I didnt get to say bye to you at SpinJam but I couldent find you when I left. Keep working on your Poi your gettin better with btb
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Josh we had a conversation about not actually seeing someone do a behind the back 5 beat weave, and if they could they would send in a video. Their was a guy who showed up very late at SpinJam who was really amazing and worked it into his performance beautifully. It was quite a stretch of his arms though
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See you again sometime ^_^Brian[This message has been edited by Spanky (edited 01 August 2001).]

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Posted:hey brian,KAte and I had a great time too, hope you have a cool time seeing the world
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we will be checking out spin jam when we get back to SF after Fusion Festival.Seeya round,Josh


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