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It's in two weeks for some of us!You may remember me as the girl last year as the first person to spin poi at Pennsic. I had the black and red braids. (Though, this year they are blue and white)I know there are a TON of fire folks going to be there this year from across the country. How exciting!! I think that we should all get together for a meet and greet of folks who will be doing fire at the event this year. The first Tuesday, august 7th. Vlads Pleasure Pavilion (It's in the swamps.)2-until whenever.We'll find out about eachother, how we got into fire, what we love about fire, and a talk about safety in the woods with 10000 party-goers. I can't wait to meet people and find out about them!I'll be out at the site the first saturday, at Vlads, come on down and talk at any point as well! You're always welcome!We'll make this year a blast, and I can't wait to see some of the groups that will be playing!

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I'm going to the hippyfests gonna follow ekoostic hooka around for acouple of shows and pennsic falls right in the middle of the two. I can't aford to go
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why does hooka have to charge 75 bucks for thier event!

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