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Hello Burners!Just thought I would toss this event out there. I ain't running it, just plan on attending. I wanted to get more fire spinners there so I can learn a few more things and I like watching other people spin. I am in Wisconsin and we are planning a rideshare/caravan from there to Ohio. If you would be interested, email me and we will work out the details. Below is their short and sweet description. Check out the site at:
for more information. If you wanna get something organized before hand, email me (! Hope to see ya there!Suz--------- (event description)"Real quickly: Burning Corn is something akin to an Ohio version of Burning Man. Yeah, we could be all elusive and say that our free-wheelin', fire-friendly art party just happens to bear a strong resemblance, but why bother? I have too much on my plate already with coordinating this thing than to make up clever stories. The truth of it is that I liked going to Burning Man so much that I wanted to see something like it happen within the midwest region... and, here we are."

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