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Posted:hey everyone. im pretty new to poi and can do some basic stuff (weave, 5 beat weave, butterfly and alot of its variations, etc.) but what i am having alot of problems with is the reverse weave. i keep screwing it up cuz im so used to not doing the weave reversed. any tips to help me master the reverse weave?

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Posted:its exactly the same, but backwards, and upside down, the hand cross underneith instead on ontop.

Use a stick.

If your new, ill give you one more peaice of advice that should last you many months:

use the search function up there. *points*


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Posted:I learned it this way, and have successfully had 6 people learn reverse weave from me this way:

Do a forwards weave, and as your right hand crosses over to your left side, "follow" the poi and turn 180 degrees. You'll hit yourself quite a few times before you get it, but one of the times you'll do it and it'll just click. Then work on doing it without going from forward to reverse.


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Posted:try doing it while looking in a takes a few to get used to looking at everything backwards
but it help me get alot of my btb stuff being able to watch the poi.

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Posted:i'd have to agree with the "do the forward weave and just turn a 180 " method.
It worked for me and one of my friends.
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Posted:I had so much trouble with this one. Ive been spinning for a few months and it has completely eluded me! Until this week!!!

I agree with the turn method, much easier than just starting from reverse spinning.
Do exactly what Millenium said but dont quite turn the whole way around, just a few degrees less (so your left poi should be going under your right arm) and then it should all just follow. (im a leftie so trying to turn everything backwards )
But of course first practice both movements with only one poi until you can get it without thinking about it, then try the turn!

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Posted:From personal experience i was trying for so long to do backward weave then started doing 180 turns and everything just slides in to place

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Posted:Well, i have discovered (sorry if i am late on this, i haven't read all the previous posts) that you can uses poles and hand rails to change the direction of your swinging. Just swing the poi around a rail or pole and when they are wrapped around, pull to reverse swinging, just like wraps.

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Posted:one i like is ill reverse it on my legs (wearing long jeans of corse) and go from the reverse and do a 180 to the front position. from there another 180 back to the reverse.

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