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shadow steppin

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  Posted: ok i have searched and i cant determine if there is any difference between hyper loops and air wraps. it sounds like the same trick to me. is it?

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  Posted:uh oh.... looks like my cover is blown... Can I take that back? WHat I ment to say was 1 1/2 feet... yea yea that's it...

no realy, I got cussed out by the head machinist downstairs because I came to him with plans written up in metric... he gave me a 5 minute ass chewing...

you know what his biggest argument was? the english system is better because all bar stock comes in english sizes and the machines all have english calibrations

how can we decide on world peace when we can't even decide how to measure our sacks?

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  Posted:well english system isnt that good, for example for ally tubing the diamater is in inches but the thickness is in mm

go figure...

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