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Posted:Having had this discussion with several of you guys when we were sitting the exams I was wondering (seeing as the results are outtoday) how everyone got on.peace out garbo
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Posted:No results for me, but a big well done to my cousin Andy..B, C, C....good on ya matey.On the educational note.... after spending 2 years on my "year out" i'm finally going to Uni in October.....Anyone out there going to/ or at FALMOUTH COLLEGE OF ARTS?????..... give us a shout...studying broadcasting.

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Posted:One of my friends got 5 As...I get my GCSE results in a week or two.

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Posted:Lots of sympathy to you guys... my brother just got his Higher results too. Thank God I only have the first half of my finals to worry about now... for a whole year too!!p_g

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Posted:backpacker, i am falmouth girl, born and bred


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