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What type of string do you guys use when you play around with glowsticks? Thin? Thick? etc..etc..
The strings i'm using now are sorta glossy and thin so they easily get tangled... help me out... I was thinking of buying replacement Yo Yo Strings to use...

Also, what kind of alterations do you guys do to your sticks before spinning? do you weigh them down at all? I've been putting a good few feet Masking tape on the ends to weigh them down and so when they hit me in the face it doesn't poke my eye out as easily...

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i dont use glowsticks but what about using chain
dont you need weight

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The longer you use glowsticks the more then screw up your form They don't have enough weight to keep your planes straight, and you can do impossible moves just by forcing them to break planes.

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Honestly, I think heavy round shoe laces are good string to use. Really thin string is a bitch to untangle and gets tangled easy.

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i actually use small ball-chain for my glowsticking.
it works really well, is cheap, and is available at most any hardware store (NOT nome depot though, try a ACE or true value type place.)
oh yes and ball chain doesnt really tangle unless you REALLY screw up. which is nice

and as for glowstix screwing up your form, that's just ****ing recockulous.
-- jon

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I use to have a set of begginer Poi that you could take the stras off of so I would just add two glowsticks to those and it was really handy. I'd use more than one for more weight, and who can argue with more glow? ^-^
Unfortunaly, I stupidly gave those straps to a friend of mine who's probably lost them in his basement, so I just use my chians. The weight is significantly different but I get used to it.


DarkDevil 233 posts
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I was thinking of using some sort of chain, ball chain or link chain, and to make the ends heavier i was going to actually empty some Glowsticks into small cola bottles (i'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Chubby Cola) Bigger Glow and heavier ends, problem is i'd imagine they are slightly bigger than ideal size...

Poi Toi, do you know if these places carry connectors for ball chain? unfortunately the only place around here IS Home Depot and Kent.

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I use fishing rope its very strong and is easy to untangle as it doesnt knot like standard rope. Another thing with glowsticks is they bloody hurt when they hit you in the eye lol

poiaholic22 531 posts

Parachute cord is my weapon of choice.Aerodynamic and doesn't get tangled easily.

And if you're looking to add weight just spin more than one glowstick on each end.Normally two will do the job.

[({PoiToi})] 99 posts

damn.. if your only options are HD and Kent (??) then i'd suggest going online. I know it seems kinda silly to go online for 4 little connectors, but unless you want me or someone to mail soem out to ya, that's probably your best choice.

and as for weight, multiple glowsticks work well, however if you dont fancy blowing 10 bucks on glowstix every party then find some small metal washers (home depot will have those, lol) and slip them onto thend of your chains and then put the glowstick on so they cant come off.

also, if you et the ballchain it seems to be heavy enough to compensate. Just dont get TOO heavy chain with real light ends, it does some weird things. =)

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