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Posted:Ok where can I find a post that tells me how to do a buzzsaw? I couldn't find it in the lessons section. Or am I just being an idiot.

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Posted:A buzzsaw is when you spin the poi infront of you so they revolve between your arms like a bicycle wheel and not on the outside of them. I know full well someone else can explain better.
But as i've discovered recently there are SO MANY things you can do from it.

And if your poi are a bit too long (the chinbashing type) then let the poi wrap around your hands (left poi on left hand right on right)and then flick your wrists inwards.
I really hope that makes sense cos ii hate in when i don't get peoples descriptions, it happens often enough.

If any more clarification is needed let me know.


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Posted:Crystal. Gotta go try it now.

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Posted:to do a buzz saw is a simple movement. you get the poi spinning in front of you on the smae plane then you move your hands as if you were turning a crank. i just recently figured out how to do it as a by product of doing various wraps. there are many things you can do with it!

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Posted:thanks everyone.
im gonna go try to add more beats.

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Posted:the buzzsaw/burn your nose is were u get ur poi spining inside ur arms at oposit timing right infront of ur face. if the poi are hiting ur arms then hold the cain at the tip of ur fingers and have ur fingers facing each other so there further away from ur arms.

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Posted:If it helps - I find it easiest to go into the buzzsaw from a 3 beat weave. I learned the buzzsaw by adding a buzzsaw beat into my weaves (i.e. beat of weave to the left -> beat buzzsaw -> beat weave to the right -> beat buzzsaw -> beat weave to the left -> etc.), is probably why that feels most natural to me.

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