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Right, I had a really bad one recently...I was doing Firepoi and Firestaff at a festival. I was performing in a small circle of like 15-20 people, not very many, and quite spaced out. I chucked in a couple of blows to make it more interesting, because as everyone knows the crows loves it...And a (I assume) drunk guy yelled "I can do that" and took my dipping jar, filled his mouth with a big gulp, spilt a fair amount down his front, and advanced toward me. I was holding my staff. Of course I yelled at him to spit it out on the ground and moved back... but he 'aspirated' right at me. It was a shame, it was actually quite a good blow, like 3 metres long - but it exploded right in front of my face. Luckily no hair lost or anything, but a very close call. I packed up and left straight away after that.Any similar scary drunk people stories?Oh god, another one, in a club someone 'stole' (let me have a go, go on, please, just a second... yoink) a pair of my glowstick Poi and began swinging them... and got in trouble with the bouncers because he immediately hit like three other people, then of course I got the blame. Bastard...------------------"O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." - William ShakespeareCheck out my Online Gallery! Å Ĉ К я

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I've, unfortunately, turned into a radical jerk about people borrowing my Poi stuff. I used to be nice, but then I learned. All too often, at clubs, I spend time fixing my glowsticks or scampering across the room to get the stick that someone let go of... The thought that keeps me from feeling too badly when I decline is that if they were any good, they'd have brought their own. I do try to bring extras to sell which also works nicely.As for my Zuni in the park I use either "Sorry, they're really delicate and break whenever someone else tries them" or "Sorry, I need to practice" depending on the age of the asker.As for fire I use "NO" or "NO WAY."Again, if they were good, they'd have brought their own. This is for strangers, of course... any of you guys can borrow my stuff anytime.
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i did a show at a slovenian rock festival and it was interesting. it involved a large number of drunk slovenians falling over or riding bikes. it wasn't scary, just funny...

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