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i was just wondering if anyone else out there can REALLY do 6 and 7 beat weaves (or more).

by *REALLY* i mean without using wraps or twists in your lines.

i've found one way to do it, which works well enough for me, but i'm curious as to what others are doing, because almost everyone i know has a different style, a different technique for doing a lot of the same moves (such as i know of 2-3 seperate ways to do a 5 beat weave without wraps or twists depending on how and when and how much you cross - and uncross your arms) and was wondering if anyone else could do more than 5 beats, maybe in a way i haven't tried or thought of.

i'm not much of one for wraps or line twists, since i got into poi from club swinging, so i'd like to avoid those. i'm more interested in moves that would at least have a chance of being translated into clubs.

any thoughts?

or has everyone given up on beats beyond 5?

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beyond 5 beats is impossible!! Only very silly people with nothing better to do would attempt them

seriously, do a search and you'll find a few similar threads. Maybe even one a few threads before this one.

It'd also be interesting if you list your ways for doing a 5 beat in case other people haven't figured them out yet. Personally my current multi beat project is a smooth 5 beat with no contact of wrists or poi.

And in answer to your queston: yes

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no - me did not give up!!!
and yes, searches - I looked around all existing descriptions but nothing really goes deep into this topic (IMHO)
So we have to give it a try - but the versions I have discovered so far are not possible with clubs me thinks, sorry #5182:

7 beat weaves:

The Jedi Louise version: Where you put one elbow into the other which looks and feels in fact quite uncomfortable (But you get used to it). Can be seen in "How to" at 2:45

Now 2 "half wrap" versions which actually look quite nice. Basically the string wraps around/between the fingers of the other hand (Explanation for forward weave from right to left, always the last extra beat):

The "Finger Wrap Nr.1": Your hands are back to back. The string from the left Poi wrap around the Poi-fingers of the right hand. The right hand does its normal rotation and this way can control the speed.
The "Finger Wrap Nr.2": Left hand normal Position. This time the palm of the right hand touches the back of the left hand. This move has to be done low on the right side. Like you are turning to the left. You have to "stretch" the fingers of the right hand next to/in between the fingers of the left hand and keep the rotation as long as possible on the right side. This way you can do it without any wrap.

Both versions require the pois to keep stable without influence of the fingers because your fingers are wrapped; but like with the 5 beat weave you get used to it and after some practice it looks and feels fluent without any interuption of speed.
The fact that only one Poi wraps a "little bit" keeps the size of the weave constant as well.

Beleave me . . . IT IS POSSIBLE !!!!

BTW: When you combine the Jedi Louise with the "Finger wrap" you end up doin a 9 beat no wrap where the chain almost does not touch your skin Veeeeeery uncomfortable and still messy, but sometimes it works
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dammit wrapping is cheating, how many times do i have to say... you don't have to. try this thread, and i know there's another that might not be as confusing, try a search with my name in it.
confusion squared

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Ive spent ages trying to draw little pictures of where to put your arms to do 6+ beat weaves, but i got side tracked by trying to write a 3d manequin to pose for pictures and spinning my stick...

Basicly, the non jedi louise version of the seven beat involves turning your elbows upside down. This might sound a bit odd, but here we go...
When you do a normal 3 beat weave, about chest level, your elbows are pointing to the ground, right? now, do a four beat on the left. to do the last beat, you turn your left arm so your left elbow is pointing up, and your right elbow is pointing down. Make it a five beat by doing it on the other side, and the last beat comes with your right elbow pointing up, left elbow pointing down.
To do a six, on one side of your body you need to twist until both elbows are pointing up, and a seven, do it on both sides. Then theres more beats by turning your arms over again, and something extra for the long fingered ones too.

There's a couple of ways of doing the five beat... pretty much like above, but on the left, you end with the right elbow pointing up, left down, and vice versa on the other side. So you can do the extra and make this a six/seven too.

Because these are extentions of the normal weave movement (unlike the jedi louise method) when the poi cross to the other side, all the complicated twists of the arms evaporate and your back to a easy hand position, and they look less ugly. But that being said, if you use some of the twists from the non-louise method on the end of louise, you can get 11 beats, possibly 13...

But it's not worth it, anything more than a nine looks ugly. (cos i can't do it right yet.)

HTH someone...


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Six beats can be done without wrapping - just do what you do for the five beat on both sides. I've found myself doing a quasi-wrap in my six beat recently, though... maybe I'm just lazy. Instead of wrapping my wrists around eachother, I just let the cord/chain do the work.
Nothing wrong with a little wrapping... cheating is only using your resources to their fullest potential, afterall ;-)

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Originally posted by Dm:
a smooth 5 beat with no contact of wrists or poi.
well worth learning

but it's so evil backwards

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To the gods out there:
When you do your 7 beat no wrap Versions. Do your Palms touch each other. Does the one Palm touch the back of the other hand or are the backs of both hands together ???
These are basically the different versions you can do the 5 beat with.

Thank you

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