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Ok so I watched Dantana's video, and now I'm stuck on air wraps. I have the hyperloop down (on the right side anyway... left is still eluding me), and I can do a standard airwrap in front of me from a windmill (Even almost got it behind my head now, yay!). But these butterfly ones are messin with me.

Namely, the one where you go from a butterfly into letting the chains hit on your right side (requiring a change in the plain of rotation to kinda horizontal), bring them up in front of you with the right hand on top, and then somehow (this being where I'm confused) bringing them apart. I can get to the part where my right hand is above my left, but my poi always get tangled as I try to bring them apart. I think it has something to do with that little shake / bounce that Dantana puts in right as he's pulling them apart, but I can't get my head around it... It feels like my right poi wants to come out, but the left one is too low to let it, so the right one just starts wrapping around the left chain again. Is that what that little bounce does? Put an extra push upward for the left poi to allow room for the right to pass underneith and unwrap?

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ty nx? for the translation, and thanks adashi for the inspriation.

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Quote Arashi: "gordian knotted"

The knot that u can make when u stall in buzzsaw looks cool
too smile

"split time bfly trinity mirror ww".. split time Ok, bfly Ok,
trinity ooops no, mirror (I know how it look like u know, glass
and these things...), ww well no(waist wrap?). Sorry man I
finished here..


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have alook at the bf ww thread for the defintion of mirror, but basically its ww with all caries, no beat behind.

T wave

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first of all that all sounds badass. but what i like to do is cross my poi on the up beat of the buttfly and do a single wrist wrap to throw me into a normal weave hyperloop. Its a good quick way to get out of a butterfly.

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erm... I'm not really sure where this belongs. I've been playing with a butterfly nexus recently. Do a butterfly, put the 'wrong' hand on top, and you get a nexus that you can perpetuate by sort of isolating the handles. I think durbs does this in 'Fun on the Garden'. What is it called, and are there any suggetions for variations that are known to work?

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