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confused and abused
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Posted:After reading two or three threads, i have noticed that i don't under stand any thing!
but i don't think i'm alone here. I'm not thick but i think i have a real desire to expand my ideas within poi and other forms addressed on this site. What i would like to propose is a list of words frequently used in the definitions of planes, tricks, techniques and so on.
If there was one thread or area on this site where i and others could go to find out what 'isolation' means for example.
On a personal level this would benefit me greatly at the moment i am finding i have to search for one word on this site and find loads of references to the it but no clear definition.then two sentences later i come across another word and slowly forget why i'm reading the thread in the first place. (this could be due to other reasons )
Please tell me wether or not this is a good idea and if it would be possible.
I can think of a few words to start with!

Thank you in anticipation.


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted: Naming Poi Moves I

ask charlie........


This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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Juan Anonly
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Posted:I would like to add that I too have no idea what "isolation" means. Just for the record you know.

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confused and abused
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Posted:i've calmed down a bit now sorry if i seemed a bit full on then but i'm going to take the chance to say i don't know what an:

Buzz saw is.

I'm sure there are more but i don't want to seem like a tw*t demanding people to take their own time to answer problems of someone they have never met.

Hang on this post still seems like it's from a tw*t demanding people to take their own time to answer problems of someone they have never met. Oh well i'm going to post it anyway.


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The Ministry of Manipulation
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Posted:tennis why dont you do a search and link every useful thread you can find in here as a start


Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:airwrap--I havent a clue

isolation--you hand goes round the poi instead of the poi going round your hand

hyperloop--the poi get tangled with each other before you do something and they get untangled...not just a mess up...an actual trick

inversion--upside down stuff

Buzz saw--both poi, when short keep going round and round on the inside of your arms when your arms are stright out in front of you..it looks like the disc on a buzz saw,thus its named a buzz saw.


Lambretta Fanatic

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by The United Chains of Fire (Jon):
when your arms are stright out in front of you..not strictly true there jon!
what about....
buzzsaw fountain?
BTB buzzsaw?
BTB side plane buzzsaws?


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Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:oh...good point..

ok then:

buzz saw: you ars are in front of you and slightly bent at the elbow....poi spin in the middle between your arms.

HoP Lurker
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Posted:To suppliment UCoFs' comments I'll add,

Disclaimer - All explanations are my own take on what I believe these "moves" to be.

Airwraps - The chains of the poi collide with one another and wrap around, then unwrap.
These are performed in loads of locations around your body and can be entered into in loads of different ways. I belive that you hands shouldn't move for these, or at least not much, wrist movement to help unwrap help????
Try spinning in the the same plane as a butterfly but with the poi going the same way and in split-time (weave like, but not a weave). Arms should be far enough apart so the poi don't hit. Now try to get the chains to hit each other about 1/3 of the way down. The chains should hit twist around once and the untwist, moving Hhands is bad for this.

Isolations - I view this very differently to UCoF.
Your hand doesn't go around the poi head at all but around the centre point of the chain. The buzzsaw isolation shows this best as your right hand should be next to the left poi head and vica verse(sp?) with the middle of the chain staying in the same place.
Think Bicycle pedals.

Hyperloops - Same sort of thing as airwraps but you or you arms/hands move somewhere else to help the poi unwrap from one another.

Inversion -

Buzzsaw - has been covered well enough already.

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Posted:all of these things are best understood through seeing them. they're all, imho and with the exception of buzzsaws, pretty advanced techniques (inversions sometimes meaning buzzsaws in funny places).
i reckon you're best off asking someone to show you or if not possible, watching a video and asking for tips based on that.

a poi dictionary would be great but a huge task - see weave, cross-follow, spider, figure eight and so on.
probably something that would be needed to be handled by a moderator too - its not a project that will work as a normal thread on the board.

try howto (found in the video forum) for a starting point...

airwrap @ 3:42
isolations @ 3:50
hyperloops @ 3:00 & 3:16
inversions are buzzsaws but anywhere (buzzsaw is generally just the bit referenced below)
buzzsaw @ 2:52-2:53 (but seriously, do a search )

good luck, and remember to say thank-you to pk and rob if it helps at all

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Posted:There's also an isolated buzzsaw at around 2:30

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DJ Dantana
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Posted:the buzzsaw STARTS at 2:53 but that is not the simple form.

The "isolation" is actually only a "half" isolation...which is stll pretty advanced.

Do we need to make another video and "shout out" what each move is befor doing it?

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confused and abused
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Posted:Thanks people brilliant

When i say that 'I need a dictionary' i think on further thought that i kind of meant a strange 'unofficial HOP short definition' thread for everyone for a while now i have been trying some of the moves trick, call them what you like that have already been mentioned but i have not realised that.

I think i'm trying to suggest that any 'new' terms or alias's that tricks/planes/stances/styles could be put up on a (possibly this one) thread with a short definition this means we would all avoid the problem you often face on threads specifically about one move that there are often mini variations or 'exceptions to the rule' such as the fountain buzzsaw as mentioned before. If this is a bad idea or someone thinks they can improve on it please do.
Now where's this video....

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confused and abused
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OK i'm better now

Right looks like i'm going to have to learn the hard way. My brain, loads of practice and tonnes of frustration.

Let's have it.

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