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Had a good day today with my poi's...must be all the sun we have up here now....anyway I would like some hints and ideas about ,how I see it, the two kinds of throws from a hyperloop....
1. You throw the pois when they are connected and stay connected through the throw
2. The pois seperate in the throw for you to grab on in each hand....

cause what I managed to fluke today was throwing the pois connected in the middle of the chain.....the chains slided but stoped and stayed connected by the handles.....and just when both pois started falling down I grabbed the handles and managed to lead the pois into a one handed butterfly......

I'm not that was definitly a fluke....
It like that with meteor's isnt it....they come around every 70 years or so.....but it's possible...and I'm sure that some of you out there know how to do this .....and can give me a picture of how it's bestly done.....

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The first sounds like a style of yo-yoing called freehand where instead of the string tied to your finger, it's attached to a counter weight so you can wrap the string around the yoyo while in a trick and then fling it the opposite way to unwind it. Obviously weighted handles for Poi would help a great deal.

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anyone seen a bluecat wandering around...?
cos he can do these

they look analogous to suicides with diablos i reckon.

good job on posting this jackelero - its one of the more inventive moves i've seen recently and throws are my new obsession (thanks to matt @ the bjc and his bell/dog ball poi).

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No worries Coleman.....
Bluecat have helped me out with HL's before so let's hope he come back.....

Today I did a variation where i threw the pois from a reverse buzzsaw hyperloop and managed to catch the connected handles (I only use keyrings for some reason but it seem to work alright for these throws)and lead it into a one handed corckscrew......gracefully ? nope.....but I did it......Was not as hard as I thought it would be...slow and gentle movements is the key I think

I like Fire.. :)

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