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i8beefy2GOLD Member
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This is the single most annoying move I have attempted to learn...

Every time I try to even do a crossover behind my back (Which I've read helps in starting to learn this one), one poi hits the back of my ankle (Usually the left, my non-dominant hand), when going from infront reverse weave to behind back. Am I just screwing up the basic idea behind this move with my hands or is my plight common to learning this move?

It is beginning to drive me nuts. For the past two months Ohio has been covered in snow, and I finally have room outside to try learning poi more than my low ceilinged basement. And yet this move still eludes me... Why is always the basics that trip me up!!! Arg!

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Both the btb forward and reverse drove me up a wall trying to train myself to the motion required.

I noticed it helped to practice just spinning the poi behind my back with just one hand at a time to loosen up my shoulders.

Also keeping my hands at around waist level also reduced the frequency of me hitting myself.

While you are still in the process of learning you should also move your body more so as to avoid the poi.

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MrConfusedBRONZE Member
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Twist (at the waist) away from the poi as they cross your body, ie if the poi are crossing to your left side, turn a little to face your right. It helps. Really.
Oh, and I don't think the btb crossover really helps much. Or the 2-beat btb weave. I found it a lot easier just to go straight into the weave.


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What worked for me quite well (could be this btb crossover but looks great anyway) - Pictures say more than 1000 words... Ben Frasier does it in the beginning of his quicktime movie. It is available in the video section of HOP. This way you get used to the movement.
And use light weighted Poi with not much momentum (slow ones). This way you can better influence their flight path - and they dont hurt that much

Good luck - you will make it !


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Light weighted poi? Personally I've always found it easier to learn any move with heavier poi, I prefer my chains and cathedral wicks. When learning the forward and reverse btb weaves I couldn't do it with light poi because they always got caught on my pants, my heavy chains could plow throw anything that got in their way, legs included I feel that I have more control with heavier poi, can move more smoothly and slowly with them.

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My advice would be to practice the btb stuff with the foot you keep hitting about 3/4 inches in front of the other... it twists your body slightly, and you get a little bit more reach out of the other arm. Once you start to get it without hitting yourself you get a bit more confidence and your hands work out where they need to be, and your hips'll give that little bit of twist by themselves.

Hope it helps,


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keeping your back straight will help too

also, try instead of letting you foot get hit, try and take a step forward with the offending leg!

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JaedenGOLD Member
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Straighten your back? I personally have found that most people have an easier time learning the btb weave bent over, some as far as 90 degrees (though it looks quite funny ).

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