Total posts: 3 a beginner at glowstick whirlin...i know wrap is when u make the glowstick and string wrap around a body part...but when do u use it??? and is there a correct way to do wraps and what are some cool wraps a beginner can learn???

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Posted:welcome to HoP lilwayne.

yes a wrap is where you wrap your poi/glostick around parts of your anatomy.
there is no correct way to do them and there are too many to list here.
*sorry guys i hope you feel i am right in a redirection..*

you will find every thing you need in the wrap thread.
and can be found here

enjoy, unsure about any thing. run a search with the search button or post a thread in the help section, were all here to help.


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Posted:wraps = happiness

but yeah, check out that thread or when you're ready simply try stuff out.

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