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this is a bit premature but all you new zealanders out there, i wanna know where is the place to go, i am going to move out there for a bit, not until next year though!
wheres the best place for poi?!?

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the best place is probably.... the meet others section!

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Little Spark,
you might be a bit disappointed by the Meet others section though Toneman is right to suggest it (meet otehrs directory and events and gathering section of the board as well...)
However... we have VERY FEW kiwis online on HOP...

but those who are here are the best : charles, robert Michael and malcolm ... First class Princes who might help you if you contacted them via PM / Email.

Shine on

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Cassandra in Poi Moves?! Oh wait.. it's a misplaced question. Whew, I thought the world was ending.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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i second NYC i was gasping....

:leaves holding chair very thightly:

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hey im just going through old post so i dought this will help but it all depends on where u move to but i know that on some tuesdays there are gatherings at vicky park in auckland

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