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Posted:Hey all!If you are interested in being a part of a documentary on all forms of fire manipulation, contact me. I need interview and performance footage for feature length production based in North California.Flame on!

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Posted:Brian,What angle are you going for?"Dangerous people who play with fire"?"Vampire night dwellers roam nights with fire"?"Things that should be banned?""Hey everyone, you should try this, it's fun.""Hey Mr. Fire Chief look at this and get it banned."The media has not always been kind to us, even with the right intentions the response you get may not have been what you wanted
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.I recommend you are cautious in your ventureand use only highly professional experienced performers in your documentary.All the best
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Posted:Nice of malcolm to always be looking out for us. I appreciate that malcolm, I didn't look at it like that until you put up those names. Good lookin out kid.lolEric

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.


Posted:Response to Malcolm.....Thanks for responding Malcolm.The reason for the documentary is to shed light; as it were; on an exciting and beautiful form of artistic expression and the peoples involved. After an initial overview of the origins of the art, the documentary's focus will be on a few selected artists, their particular talents, and on their individual expressions and commentaries. It is my goal to help bring into being a wider understanding and appreciation of this marvelous artform and to do so in a sensitive and compassionate manner. I have no deadlines to meet and I plan to take as much time, research, and sensitivity as needed to do so. Thank you for your concerned comments. Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.SincerelyBrian


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