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Posted:how the hell do you do the 7 beat weave without wrapping. I can do the 5 with no problem now but 7...i just cant figure it out????

please help anyone

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Posted:I believe glass does a 7 beat weave without wrapping in his Contact Staff video located here:
If you don't want to download the video then follow my easier-said-than-done advice. Twist your arms as far as you can around each other, and then twist some more.


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Posted:I (just about) got this today! For a forwards 7 beat, the arm positions are:
Place one elbow past the other - on your left, your right elbow should end up on the left side of your left elbow.
Your forearms should cross - left side again, right arm should be coming up from beneath the left on the outside of the arm and crossing over the top of your left forearm.
In this position, you should be just about able to fold your right wrist and fingers beneath your left wrist.

Starting from a normal weave, right hand leading to the left side, the beats should be:
1 - right Poi crosses to left side
2 - left Poi follows
3 - right elbow goes underneath left elbow
4 - left Poi follows
5 - right wrist wraps around left
6 - left Poi follows and crosses to right side
7 - right Poi follows.

Reverse lefts and rights for the right hand side of the move.
Twist your arms up (painfully ) in the opposite way (other arm on top) for reverse 7-beat.


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Posted:7 beat no wrap to 7 beat reverse no wrap easy.. takes about 10 mins to learn with help from glass who happens to be downstairs right now, but its ugly stupid and pointless but proves that this move isnt impossible also from it there are 4 other 3 beat weaves and 4 other 6 beat weaves all with no wraps.
happy learning.


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Posted:and at least 4 more 2 beat weaves. which are just comedy. offsetting weaves to one side.
the goofy weave's
they're all ugly as louise.


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Posted:Tangles. Goofy weaves. Ugly weaves.

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Posted:thanks guys may i now rest in peace about this. My arms arent bendy enough to do it at the mo but i see what you mean about bein tangled lol