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Posted:alright I know its a simple move but I can do it with catherdral wicks but its painful

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Posted:hmm, interesting

are you punching the actual wick, or the chain at the base of the wick?

do proper karate/tae kwon/akido punches, so you make contact, let the force of the blow hit the wick, then withdraw hand, fast as you can. try and put more emphasis on the withdrawing hand bit than punching bit, might hurt less.

ohh, and try to make some leather knuckle buster type things! tan coloured, if possible cause then it looks like its just your hands.

i might go try and make myself a pair right now.

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Posted:thats a good idea
I actually hit right at the base of the chain. But as far as protection I have some soccer socks I've cut the bottoms out to make long sleeves. That way I can color cordinate my outfit with different sleeves and shirts

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Posted:help me out here, you punch the wick? while it's spinning in which direction?
and what are you achieving by doing this?
i've never heard of a punch wrap before


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