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Posted:2 in each hand.Theres heaps of stuff, wraps , behind the back weave and much mo.

Markeespark Sparkeemark & me

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Posted:I tried 4 poi an wHoA! I had trouble getting them all to move properly but you can also do corkscrew's, figure 8's, chases and butterflies but that's only if you figure out away to start them without using 2 hands... butterflies are scary things

Ouch! Eep! Damn Leg Hair stop getting in the way!




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Posted:Many a bruise so far.. I can only manage corkscrews and weaves so far - BEHIND THE BACK?? I bow to your genius!

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..



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Posted:Yeah 4-poi is pretty fun... it hurts a lot to learn. I really like the flaming cross effect that you get out of it but the moves are truely complex... hand contortion galore. It's very fun though... almost like starting over again.

I wouldn't know... I've never given a cartoon character an orgasm.



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Posted:where abouts are you markeespark?
id love to meet more people who can do 4 poi, im the only person i know (bummer)

not wanting to sound to sceptical, but btb with 4 poi? hmmmm sounds fantastic!

ive sort of stayed with two butterflies (but thats cause i do old old skool maori stlye poi) so we could swap secrets if your around auckland!

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