Any regular to the board can easily recognize the large amount of people claiming to the able to do amazing Poi feats mainly including the 5 beat btb weave that people who have been spinning for years still cant pull off. Unfortunately I cant accept the fact that it is a god given skill or that these people are so much more coordinated then me that it just comes naturally, so please, before you go braggin... Send in a video or bust!Love always,Spanky[This message has been edited by Spanky (edited 06 August 2001).]

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Spanky:Breathe deeply and relax. There. Feel better? Okay, good. Read on.You _can_ do 7 beats on each side of you in a weave, and I'll be happy to put it on video sometime. The moves demonstrated in the poi-lessons section are not "thorough and conclusive", and if that's what you've been working for this whole time then you've been chasing a red herring. Here's the part you might have an especially hard time with, though, so make sure you're still remembering to breathe: nobody's out to show you up or put you down; it sounds here like it's both your biggest fear and your main motivation in posting.Now breathe in and out again. Good.Peace, brother.-protie

The people who took offense to my statement and made according replies are the ones it was directed towards.Love always,Spanky

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"...Nextly, You cant do a 7 beat weave in front or behind you."I think this was directed at me...You telling what i CAN and CAN'T do... sheesh, now thats naive."The moves listed on the site are thorough and conclusive. The only thing that determines the way you spin is your personal style."Everytime i read this i laugh. Not gonna really say much, but you probably think the world is flat too, lol."The people who took offense to my statement and made according replies are the ones it was directed towards."Well i dunno, if someone told me i had to prove a new move that i wanted to SHARE with people on this board i'd be pissed, and sure enough i was. I mean what kind of backward thinking is that, how are we supposed to get better if we don't share our ideas, without them getting shotdown because it's supposedly an "amazing poi feat", way beyond our comprehension.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====

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I hate you all and I'm not going to be your friend. Pele, phunky and spanky are eating my play-doh. Eric

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.

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