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Posted:I was learnin' the "Chasing the sun" move and it just wasn't workin' i just made a new one. I know how to do it. It is just mine is easier to do coz they don't tangle so much.....It is just a simple Split Swing instead of a regular each following each other.
It is real easy just as your starting speed one up. It looks really cool wit' glowsticks.
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Posted:sounds suspiciously like the "windmill" which is one of my favorite moves, flows lovely like

nicely worked out though

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Posted:yeah, kudos fer werkin that one out on ur own. i couldn't figure out anything at all about chasing the sun (including that that windmill move was similar to it) for eons.......

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Posted:that weave (forward) was the hardest i thought.....oooppps said to much. Anywhoo, i knew it was like the windmill it just didn't have that flare at the end of it.
usually i go from that to a weave and back.
gawd i did it again.
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Posted:windmill/corkscrew were hard for a while until i was able to visualize the fig 8's in my head. weave was kinda annoying for a bit too, although posts on this board helped a lot

BTB weave, that's a whole diff story. have been working on it for a couple days. sore shoulders, almost have a basic fig 8 behind my back. i'll settle for a stable fig 8



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Posted:I know waht it is, It is a backward windmill i just tried it it is awesome.

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