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well I don't see this one mentioned anywhere

It is possible to do a 6 or 7 beat chase if you twist your hands a bit more. When you do a forward chase on your left, rotate your right poi once more around your left hand (put your elbows together and try to swing your right poi three times on your crossed side). If you do this, your left poi will then lead to your right where you will untwist your hands. You will be doing a 5 beat chase. If you do the same thing you did on your left side once more on your right side, you will be doing a 7 beat chase.
It is a bit like a 3 beat chase, but you do one full turn more on each side of your body.

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6-beat corkscrew and windmill can also be done. btb 7-beat has yet to be seen. Not completely sure it's possible. I've said it all along that you're going to have to dislocate you're shoulder to do it. I'm sure someone out there is crazy enough to do that.

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i can just abput manage the 7 beat weave but rarely pull it off as you just have to be soo twisted to pull it off.. it is hard to get the hand accross the body to start the next cycle so it looks kind of odd but nice all the same... just needs a shit load of practice

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I just nailed the 23-beat weave!

As in, I beat myself over the head with the poi 23 times before I gave up!


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Apperently a friend of a friend of mine saw a 10 beat weave while traveling in tiwan (I believe)

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I heard there are some crazy spinners down there. Did he say if it was a wrap or non wrap variety?

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I do the extra rotation on each side.

surely that's just five beats though?

As in each poi does three rotations while 'accross' your body and two 'uncrossed' (ie. left poi does three rotations on your right hand side and two on your left, and right poi does the same but the other way around)

I do it on both sides every time. But it's still a five beat is it not?

how do you make it a seven?

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I'm sure $y said he can do 7 beats. When he starts posting again we can ask him.

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where have all the 7 beat weavers gone? someone come and help me!

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I remenber ppl talking about this...
and im agree with what they said before...
more than 5 beats just doesnt look good...
I saw one of my friends doing 6 beats and and attempting for a 7 beats and didnt look good...
Looked like dunno FORCED if you know what i mean...
maybe thats why i never tried doing more than 5 beats in my twirl.

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how u do this wraping? u let the cords entangle or u'r let cords go around you hand? I do a 7-beat weave smooth, and wanna learn a 9-beat(wrap), tho u say it doesn't look good. Anyway i think it's a 7-beat, i do now. Is this right? I start swinging in split mode and do this:

Beat1 - Not done! Have to do a single 6-beat before can get the 7-beat going.
Beat2 - The left poi flys by the side of my left leg.
Beat3 - The right poi follows the left poi on the left side.
Beat4 - Hold my arms close to each other and cross m, so the left poi takes another turn.
Beat5 - Turn my right wrist around my left hand, so the right poi keeps staying on my left side.
Beat6 - Turn my left hand up under my right hand, so the left poi keeps going.
Beat7 - Bend my fingers on the right hand up under my left palm, so the right poi takes a last turn around.

Now the left poi is moved to the right side, and beat1 is done by untwisting my hands and then just continues beat2-7 (xchg left, right).

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Ya, a friend of mine can do a reverse 7-beat weave (non wrap) really smoothly but it still doesn't look good imho. It's probably just because you're arms are in a pretzel position.

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lol, these non-wrapping reverse 7-beat weaves are making me thirsty
hiya phunks! your fan club memebrship is ever adoring!

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Hey guys...

Now I'm going to sound dumb, but I don't care!!! It's all in the good name of progress...

Can you explain (REALLY specifically) how to do all this 5/7 beat weave malarky??? I don't get it at all! I had a squizz at the lessons section but couldn't work out what the guy was doing with his hands... PLEASE help! If I could see it I could probably pick it up but I've never seen it!!!!!! arrrrghhhhhhh.... where are all the midlands poi-ers anyway????

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If you wrap your 5 beat weave on your elbows instead of your wrists while your elbows are crossed you can make your wrists do additional 3 beat weaves.. Notice on the COL3 video I think it is Jo ver Kato, or something like that, the short little bald dude wraps his 5 beat around his elbows.. does it behind his back, a little dodgy, but mathmatically it's there.

Anyway, the idea is that you just need more joints for more wraps... if you could strap your poi to tips of your fingers and get them strong enough to do an over under like your crossing your fingers, I geuss you could even do a 10 beat.. but really.. that is so long on one side, it would look really dodgey and not well balanced.

as always all directions apply.

5b btb weave is unnoticeable as it is to the untrained eye.. 7b btbweave is going to make really small circles and you are going to have one wrap around your outside wrist.

What music are you doing this too? Swing music.. silly silly people

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