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trance guy
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Posted:I was just curious if any of you knew any unique tricks besides swingin circles and stuff...for instance, i saw a girl who took her shoe off with the glowstix swung it around her head and put it back on. if ya know any cool tricks like that PLEASE let me know. Thankyou to all that respond.


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Posted:Go nuts!

I suggest trying wraps, they make everything more fun... You can do some wicked transitions between tricks with that...

When I get better (learn all the moves I want to learn) I am going to try more abstract stuff with alternating timing doing different tricks so they look all wacked out and weird.. plane breaking!!!

Try doing poi with your feet!
I did it with poi wrapped around my ankles sitting on a kiddy's thing where there was about five feet of free space under where my feet where hanging... I have also seem someone do it with their toes lying one their back...

Try doing poi with something else! Juggling balls?! A staff with one handed poi... That gets really interesting...

Good luck and have good FUN!, drome


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Posted:... if you try looking under "signature moves" in the search engine thing me bob they'll have allot of moves your looking for ...... and i mean ALLOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

oh dear god ! i sound like one of those old nasty members going around threads telling people to look under search!!!!!!

but if youve created this site to get to know more people, dont stop because or the search engine!!!!!!!!! hello ....goodbye

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:you could train a vietnamese pot bellied pig to collaborate in a paired catch-n-throw routine.
save a pig to-day! eat vegetables!

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Phuhzzzie Wuhzzzie the Pumpkin King
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Posted:Upside down poi!

I don't have the facilities at home but I do at school. I sometimes hang off the Roman Rings by my feet and twirl. I'm not very good because I don't often get a chance to pracitce but is VERY FUN!!!

P.S. Bender I don't have a spare pig so I let my cat play with me. She scratches, and she's not a DJ..... DJ cat now there's an idea.

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:phuzz, i find that the most diffultest part of upside down twirling is that you have to push down instead of pulling up. y'now what i mean? this is especially the case when performing horizontal plane trix like the corkscrew. thing is, if ya spin quick, gravity matters less, but it hurts more! upside down is also a tricky bird because of the limitations on your routine imposed by annoying blood rushing to yer head, and my gymnastix instructor says that there's no real way to overcome that in training
especially with roman rings.
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