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Posted:ok...i learned how to do the forward weave and i do it really well, but now that i am trying to learn how to do the backwards weave, i cant do it. what should i do to bea able to do the backwards weave????????

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Posted:hee this is good, I'll come back and edit this when I've found the thread I started a few weeks ago.

My first bit of advise (took me a week and a half to suss this) is,... do a backwards figure of 8.

here it is Click Me Damnit!

Other than that just learn it bit by bit and then put it together.

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Posted:Remember when you were learning the forwards weave and started with one poi doing a circle on its own side and then 2 on the other side, one above your other hand and then the second below. Then practiced with the other hand until you got to the stage where you could put them together.

Well the reverse weave is exactly the same but you need to get used to the poi spinning in the opposite direction and you want to do a circle on the poi's own side then one below the other hand and then one above

Hope this helps,

Mark P


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Posted:The only thing I can think of that I don't think has been mentioned is to remember that 'reverse' is the opposite of forwards (strange but true). So things are flipped around. Eg. In forwards weave,the wrists are turned inwards to your body; reverse weave, wrists point away from your body. The elbows point outwards too on reverse weave where they stay in on forwards.

Hope you catch the drift of the reverse thing from that

I recomend doing that sixties dance move where you draw your hands over and away from your face, from ear to ear whilst exposing the eyes. The man travolta styly dance technique (I hope that made sense).
The reason is with that swishing movement away from your body it enable you to flip the poi in a straighter circular motion. I wish I could show what I mean!!!



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Posted:I think what Prag is trying to say is that the movement of the forward weave when its at your LEFT is what you do in thew reverse on your RIGHT

do the forward weave and when your hands are on your left try turning left and that'll take you into a reverse weave really fast.

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Posted:I know how you feel Trance Guy. The backwards weave is driving me nuts too..I think I just need to keep playing with it and i'll get it soon enough smile



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Posted:Awww that thread had nearly been buried for exactly five years, only 16 days more and it'd would've had a real milestone frown