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hey i'm doing a fire show infront of a big huge crowd like next weekend and my friend and i have some problem..... we need to find a costume to wear... well.. the colour code is Red, Black, and Silver.... so yeah... if you guys can give some suggestions that would be great.... geez.. and you would know 2 young fire poi performers would know what to wear... thanks soo much

hrm... lets burn stuff.... jah!

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I would prolly recommend something dark, like black pants, I think dark colors look good with fire. Depending on the audience and atmosphere of the performance, you could wear a lot or a little. If it is an outdoor or daylight performance, I would probably wear a tank top, pants, and a bandana. For indoors I perfer longsleeve shirts to help hide the arms as I think this looks cooler. (=

But obviously these are all just my opinions.. hehe (and they are like asses...)


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I'm a big pusher of hot pants and mesh tops So, silver PVC hot pants, red mesh top and black knee high boots...

Hmmm - given that you're a guy and prolly not into hotpants situation, I'd probably body paint myself silver, wear black pants and red sunglasses. I also might get some red body paint get some groovy patterns going....

(for the record, I don't actually own any hotpants.... just one of those "would if I could" type things)

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So does anyone know a good online store that sells some some snugg-ish fitting cargo pants that are made out of natural stuff?

Preferably in some cool colors?

Clement, go to GAP or some similar evil megacorporate store and get a fitted tee suitable for clubbing. They're made of cotton. Get black. It's tight, it's black, it's cotton. What more can you want?


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Flash you do so own a pair of hot pants! I distinctly remember you making them. They're cute little blue fluffy one's!


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Well yes i am a guy and NOT into these things called 'hotpants'... even thought i don't even know what they are but oh well... so heres the thing.... my sleveless shirt is black and pants is black... and well they're going to paint red and silver on me... *ack.. silver pretty scary*... and i dunno what my fellow poi partner is going to be doing.... well we have someone lending us things to wear so well hopefully she'll get something kewl... if you have anymore suggestions, i'm still open to hear more!!!

hrm... lets burn stuff.... jah!

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Ok...i got it. wear black pants with a black sleeveless shirt. Put a silver sash on the pants for some flare and put on some red wrist bands. That would look pretty good if ya ask me. anyways, let me know what ya think

good luck

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don't recommend anything nylon. i've seen some scarey endings in nylon!


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