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Posted:weehoo! after much bashing of head i've got a good forward somersault goin on.
there's atleast 2 ways of going about this, well three if you count failing.
#1 just like sages somersault as seen in video hosted here.chains in reverse by side, armwrap around bicep and simultaneously put hands on either side of head, roll on hands protecting head (??) and let chains unwrap from armwrap naturally into something/weave/circle,etc.
#2 which i usually do. chains either side of body, going forward, lean forward, tuck head and nohanded roll touching top of head, shoulders then back to feet, hands/wick shouldn't touch ground at all for the cleanest execution. i find this easier than #1 for some reason. maybe because i had immediate success and then practiced it more?

much love to michelle for showing me this!! i can't wait to drop this into a routine at the next party. peace yall

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Posted:/runs up to riftk and gives him(?) a scout medal for tumbling.
congrats for the rif-man!
dammit i wished Earthdreamer was here, she's got the maddest samurai rolls(#2) this side of poiland. it hurts me soo much - when i try her move i always bruise the bit around that pointy bone that juts out at the bottom-middle of my back. the trick to the samurai roll is that you body remain locked into the fwd lean once you begin to lean over - the rest is just a clean static tumble. because you look frozen, it makes for a very smooth looking move. watch her entry in COL3 and as Ali-G would say... recognissssse!

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Posted:well, glad to have helped-now you won't have to worry about being "outdone" by the likes of me.

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thank yee thank yee, i busted that roll at a party this weekend and it was very well received indeed. now if only i could get that shaolin ground move where you like whip your legs around and like roll onto your feet. it looks like a breakdancing move, don't the name for it, it's a transition from on your back to on your feet. looks very powerful.

whats up sweetness? you know all i got's is love for you! this isn't a competition, i'm not trying to outdo anyone, i just love spinning and want to give it my all. plus that roll is sooo cool!

peace yall


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Posted:someone say roll? (=

I saw Shibaki bust out a somersault roll last night...was very cool indeed (= I believe he did the second one.



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