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Posted:Ive gone on a bit of a poi parralell at the moment and have started throwing and catching poi and mixing it in to routines. i havent used fire yet, cause, well, its damn hard to do it properly! so what i want to know is, can any one do it? so if you can, please have a little brag about it and maybe include some handy-non hurty-tips. like, not to catch the bright burny end, or how well your neighbours boat burnt when it was parked in their back yard... it could happen....
oh, and has any one thought about using ball grips? that would make it easier to catch right?

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Posted:Actually, Bassman used to use ball grips. I don't think he posts here anymore, though. I use a couple of throws, but haven't practiced them lately. I have regular straps on my poi. Just work with them for a while, and you can get pretty comfortable with tossing them correctly so you always catch the handle end. If you continue spinning them after you toss, you can let the centripetal force pull any extra chain down through your hands so it gets back to where it needs to be. I usually catch the chain a couple of inches up and let it slide. Seems to work well enough.

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Posted:Concur's with glowshow...I catch them between my index and thumb a little up and let the force slide the strap to my hand. Talk to DocLiquid, he can do colorchanging wraps and tosses with glowsticks. It obviously is a little harder because of the weight difference on straps, but as glowshow says, it can be done with some practice..




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Posted:oh good!
its sounds like im on the write track then, as i always catch the chain (when i manage to catch it at all) and just let it slip through my fingers to i reach the fingerloops. i think i will try ball grips, cause after i throw and catch, i can never get my fingers back into the straps while still spining. hmm, this should work well, i'll just go check it out on the back lawn....

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Posted:I'm trying to work on a one handed butterfly throw where you throuw both of the poi with one hand and then catch one in each hand. When it works you go from inwards butterfly to outwards, and look like a god!! its pretty tricky though smile


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Posted:throws, whip catches, hyperloop releases, poi-juggling; all of it can be quite fun and exciting to do. But please be better than just good, if you decide to light em up like that. As soon as you stop holding the poi firmly, you increase the risk of all kinds of catastrophes and injuries.

If your poi heads are heavy enough, they have a nice momentum to tosses that give you a decent flight. In those cases, a ball grip or counter-weight aren't a necessity.

The thing to remember though is that the chain will rotate around the poi head, as the lighter portion will always move around the heavier part (as in an orbit. This makes it trickier to judge exactly where to catch the chain, when the darkness and fire kind of blind your vision somewhat.

With ball grips and counter weights, the heavier it is, the more you will move the center of gravity down your chain. If your grip is heavier than the head, the poi will rotate around your grip.

The nice thing about counter-weights is that it balances the whole poi more and makes rotations centered. Its also a WHOLE lot easier to catch, since it gives you a stop.

There's not one that's better really. It all just changes the feel of your moves. I have several sets from heAVy heavy grips, to no weights in the grips. Each are fun, but perform very differently.

btw: glowstick throws are hard to compare to poi throws. Again, its because of the vast difference in weight between the two.

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