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Posted:so after hurting myself several times, i have decided to ask for some help (again). but this time ill be more specific, and hopfully i'll figure it out:

when i try to do the windmill, i start from a corckscrew and then the lesson on the site says: "do a vertical corckscrew", but when i do it i get a mexican wave! so how do you get into that circle above your head that begings the windmill?

oh, and is that the same move James does at the end of his video ("Moves") ?

please reply asap, im going nuts!

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Posted:Well - i think it's just the direction of the Poi.

If you do a corkscrew, the Poi move in the same direction. They follow each other around. it you put this vertical you will do a windmill, where the Poi also move in the same direction.

If they do a mexican wave it means they are travelling in opposite directions. this means either you are changing the direction of one of them as you go vertical (strange) or what you think is a corkscrew is just a horizontal mex. wave.

Hope this helps.
To get windmill, make sure Poi follow each other as opposed to crossing over as in the butterfly/mexican wave/ horizontal mezican wave moves.

mail me if you can't understand a word of that!

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Posted:oooooh... mebbe i'm not teh only one who confused corckscrew with horizantel mexican wave (that's a frick of a lot of words there)....

good luck!

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Posted:Moves in which Poi are following each other (Both going clockwise or counter clockwise):

Weave, corkscrew, follow the sun, windmill, and the reverse of all of these among others...

Moves in which Poi are moving in opposite directions (one clockwise and one counter clockwise):

Butterfly and it's thousands of variants, mexican wave.

Hope this helps. You CAN"T transition from one to the other smoothly without a wrap or direction change of somesort.

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Posted:i thought it was simple to do a 2 beat weave and rotate your body 90 degrees..

sometimes i would rotate the wrong way... if this happens, try rotating 90 degrees in a different way.. you've got a 50/50 chance of getting it right..

am i just putting too much thought into this?


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Posted:actually rex when doing the weave you can turn either way to do a windmaill, they are just going in opposite ways compared to your body.

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