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Posted:I've got a lovely lump behind my ear after twatting myself at full pelt with PK's aerotechs, whilst doing BTB forwards. It sent me a bit concust for a while (nothing drastic or anything) but made me think about what I'm doing wrong to always whack my head...

Anyway, my good friend Poi-master-of-the-universe suggested that instead of leaning over forwards which seems the natural thing to do for behind the back stuff, stand up completely straight as you would any other move. I tried it today and it works really well - you're less likely to smack yourself in the back of the head.

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Posted:hey noona, last time i tried to do btb weave standing straight i actually hit my arss and have a huge whopping bruise, though leaning forward doesnt work either. if you figure out a good way to get it right could you let me know
'ank you kindly lolli x x

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Posted:Ok, you CAN stand straight up to do the btb weave if you already know how to do the move. You just need to know exactly where your hands and body have to be. When starting out you should bend over slightly or alot whatever works for you, and try to keep your hands as high as possible.



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Posted:Quick question, with the BTB weave, which direction are the poi turning for forward/backward? I would assume it would be the same as when they're in front of you but in the archives I've come across some stuff that would suggest it's reversed when behind you (ie. the reference point changes to your back, so your back is your new front, and backward becomes forwards, and vice versa). Can someone shed some light?