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Posted:Is it possible for someone to list the moves in the art of poi video? That is, unless all the moves are covered in the lessons on the site. But if so, what would be the point of the video?

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Posted:The art of poi video has the same lessons/moves that are on this web site in the lessons section. But they are described in much greater detail. There is also a lot of "If you're having this kind of problem, then you can correct it by doing this . . ." on the video.

I certainly think it's worth buying.

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Posted:It's also normally easier to learn if you can see what's being done clearly, rather than just going by written descriptions and a rather blurry video clip.


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Posted:In answer to your other question, the video covers:

Basic spinning (Forward and Reverse, sync'd and split time)
High Turn
Low Turn
Tuck Turn
Butterfly, Giant Butterfly
Alternate Butterfly
Overhead Butterfly
One Each Way
Mexican Wave
Low Wave
Forward Weave (Aka Forward Chase)
Reverse Weave
Turning with weaves
Forward -> Reverse Turn
Overhead Weave / Windmill (Depending how you define the Overhead Weave)
One-Handed Butterfly

And possibly a couple more - This is from memory.
The video's wicked, Diana is a great teacher and a fantastic spinner. It's all clearly explained as well.

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Posted:I got this video for christmas

It's fantastic. Everything is explained so clearly. Have already learned a few moves that I just couldnt get from the lessons on the site.

Makes the learning so much easier, and faster.

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Posted:over, under, out!

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