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ok, I finally found something today that shows my whole reflection when I spin. unfortunately i saw I'm doing something wrong. when I do a fwd 5-beat weave, as I'm crossing back from the right to the left, one of my Poi speeds up and gets itself about a quarter of a beat behind the other. does anybody have any advice as to how I can aleviate this problem?

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Everyone goes through that problem. It goes away once you practice it more. Though remember the poi's are always 180 degrees apart so just eye it. If you see a Poi speeding up toward the other one, speed up the other Poi or slow down the one that's moving too fast.

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I had the same problem last week when I was learning it!!! if its your right Poi catching up you need to rotate your left wrist alittle faster as you take it over your right this will give it more momentum as you bring it across your body! Hope this helps not that good at explaining yet

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