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Posted:As editor of Phunky Phanzine, I have a question to put to you. Are you formally known as Phunky, or formerly known as Phunky?

Thousands of your devoted fans are at a loss as to what to name their children.

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Posted:lol, i didn't even catch that.

that would be formerly. (hmm, maybe Canadians are bad spellers lol... though technically i did spell it right just used the wrong word)

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Posted:hahaha so you got fan club and all phunky ? lalala

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by NightShade1:
hahaha so you got fan club and all phunky ? lalala that aint all he's got! I've ordered my very own Phunky brand pregnancy kit!

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Posted:What kind of Pregnancy kit might that be???

Would that be how to impregnate yourself? (Or at least rub something raw trying? )

How to get something else pregnant?

Or how to keep from getting anything pregnant...ever

(Sorry, it was left wide open. )

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Posted:lol, remember it's not quality unless it has the "phunky" brandname on it. Don't be fooled by imitations.




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Posted:can someone send me my fanpack? I ordered it at least 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't come. I've been waiting at LEAST a month for that sandal, too.....

Don't make me start my own club, cause I don't think there's enough phunky to go around. Use sparingly!!

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