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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > I got half of the 5beat weave down.. =)

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Posted:So, I've gotten forward and reverse weave (I like to think of them as overhand and underhand, but that's just me). I can turn full, fluid circles in either direction and change direction at whim. I started doing 3 stage weaves and 4 stage weaves without turning my feet at all (just having four planes of motion around my body instead of two like the standard weave), and am trying to learn the 5 beat weave.
I *think* I can do the first part of it, going from the forward 3 beat weave into what seems to be the first part of a 4 beat weave on the right side, then pulling out of it and going into a reverse weave on the left side of my body. At this point, I usually continue and turn the reverse into a forward weave even more to the left and then try to do it again.

The Question: Is this the first half of a 5 beat weave, or am I doing something completely different? And if it's right, will mirroring the move on the left hand side result in a true 5 beat weave?

again with different wording: should the right-side half of a forward five-beat weave be able to be pulled out into a reverse weave on the other side? if not, what should I be doing to have a real 5 beat weave?

--Dut, new inventor of the "half-five", which looks pretty damned cool all on its own. =)

ps -- I'm in New Orleans. It's a fun town. =) It would be much easier to just come down here and show me than to try to explain online, so email me if you're anywhere near the area and want to spin sometime. =)

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xtremravr...was here..
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Posted:well..im not real sure what your doing, i think what you are doing is your trying to go from the 5 beat fwd weave into the 5 beat rev weavewhile standing in the same position, kind of like the 4 plane weave which is what you were, i think, talking about earlier, the 5 beat weave in fwd motion is just 2 planes your left and your right sides, j8ust think of doing a half a beat more on eac side going into and coming out of each side, hence 2 1/2 beats on each side = 5 beat weave, idont know if ijust confused you more or what, but it makes sense to me...lol..actually reading this now it kinda doesnt, but idont know how else to explain it, i just kinda do it now...lol..well good luck!!

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Organized Kaos
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Posted:my post weave woes has some good advice I havent got it yet but thats because I havent practised in awhile
but check it out its pretty helpful
theres three versions tho u gotta find the rite one

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Posted:great idea, Kaos! So i read it, and what Tom said seems to make the most sense to me with the way I think of things. =) I'm going to go try it now! Oh, and I bought a cup... here's another warning to ya:
You will buy a cup, it will seem logical. It will allow you to lose the fear of hitting yourself in the nuts, which will propell you to new levels of excellence (it's beginning to seem that most of learning poi is getting over various fears about hitting yourself in the nuts/head/etc... the moves come naturally after that). Anyways, once you completely subjugate the fear of junk whacking, DO NOT try to practice again without a cup untill you get really good. It's NOT okay to just run outside for 20 minute and show off for a bit without this vital protection! Now that you're not afraid, YOU WILL whack yourself again, and it'll be harder than ever before, because now you're not scared to ramp up the speed that you're spinning.. Buy a cup. Wear it Always. =)

--Dut.. can you tell i've had problems with this before? =)

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Posted:I think there was a rather interesting topic that filtered through here a few months ago that had something to do with your brain eventually teaching itself not to do the stuff that gets you hit. You will eventually get to the point when you don't hit yourself. Just be patient, grasshoppah!

I would do the search, but I am beat. I've been spinning fire at a drum circle for the past 4 hours. Good night! Maybe this time I will remember to log myself out. You guys must think I'm a fiend!!

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back from the dead...sort of
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Posted:I finally hammered out the 5-beat tonight! I've tried it on and off for a month or two, but each time I get discouraged and leave it for some other time. Tonight, though, I just said enough is enough...I just worked at it and I had it with in half an hour!

Dut, what you have sounds like the half of it. For a long time I was doing *exactly* what you were...hitting it one side and not the other. My recomendation: freeze your hands when you do the extra twist on the side you can do successfully. Then, study your hand positions and mirror them on the other side of your body. I found that simply arranging my hands in the way they needed to be gave my brain a target to shoot for when I did it in motion. Somehow I began to be able to feel what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong once I had that target in mind. It's what led to my getting it tonight.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Location: Nashville, TN
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Posted:glow - maybe that's a good reason NOT to wear a cup? =) If I could just teach my brain not to do that, it would probably work out better in the long run. =)

Paddy - I'm so close to having it all down that I can smell it! I did one full wave on both sides with good timing *once* this weekend and got such a head rush that I had to go sit down for a while to keep from passing out. =) I like poi. I will have the 5 beat down this week. I think I may be able to get the reverse 5 beat on the right side today if the weather is with me (do 70 mile an hour gusts of wind make poi easier? I didn't think so... maybe tomorrow then. =)