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Posted:Umm... from what I have seen, you guys around homeofpoi have been really focusing on your twirling. You've been focusing on your 5 beat 360s, btb weaves and 360s, quadrable corkscrews, xtra beat fountains, btb fountains... all this twirling here and there. You guyz realli realli realli do not perform enough stalls, now I'm not talking about wrapping around here and there to go from one move to another, nonono, none of any good stalls were demonstrated in ANY videos at houseofrave.com or homeofpoi.com or under COL1, or COL2... i live in the NYC area and me and my friends go a club here(club exit) where we get together and perform infinite wrist wraps, bicep wraps, rising sun wraps, upside down rising sun wraps, rising sun alterations, butterfly handcuff wraps, weave handcuff wraps... and then take all of that... and put it all BTB! the hardest thing right now that we're working on is behind the back bicep wrap which a couple of my friends have gotten which requires both hands to go above the biceps behind the back and to wraps around the biceps behind the back and keep alternating... i mean this is the real hard stuff... also put in some neck wraps here and there and then mix all the twirling together with crazy wraps combinations using thighs, the neck, the hands, and a lot of behind the back wrapping, wrapping from forward wheel to reverse wheel and back, playing around with with leg wraps and stuff... i mean if you guyz think o yea sure i can do all the wraps that i'm talk about right now, well i think ur wrong lol... keep practicing and figuring out new wraps, theres an unlimited number of wraps and styles to mix the wraps together and twirling with.... i'm not talkin about your fruity turns and fruity o look i can do 5 beat i'm so kool lol no... and dont even give me that crap that you do poi to be one with the nature and that its a good way to relax and you want to be one with earth lol.... hell no... i do it cuz i love to show off and i'm very competetive i want to do the hardest wraps possible all btb and i'm outraged that you guyz don't try more wraps... so what i'm trying to say is please people... use 10 inch chains/strings and practice doing behind the back weave handcuff wraps... behind the back wrist wraps, behind the back bicep wraps.... etc.... its much easier to do it with short strings because you have much more control... and down here in NYC we do it with strings and glowsticks.. so thats why we probably are so much into wrapping... sorri for all u out there who are having a harder time using kevlar and fire poi and chains... i know how u feel.... anywayz pleez pick up on wraps guyz.. post videos of all the wrap you know... explain wrap combinations... etc... thankx for reading... by the way COL2 wuzn't impressive... i dont want to be harsh... but its nothing new... its all old.... if u want to do something new and hot go into mad wrapping combinations and mad styles.. .and that guy dancing in the beach in the send and all he wuz doing wuz turning was pathetic.. so was the tribe of sock and the glowstick ravers ont the video... i give props to sean gibson because he did some okay stuff and to sage... i thought xaeda sucked and ben king should've one staff.. anywayz.... set higher standards for ur selves guyz... always seek to improve.. -RaVeR SurGe -NyC, NY, U.S.A.

-RaVeR SurGe

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Posted:[]D[][]\/[][]D[][]\[]' ain't easy
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Posted:so they were not aliens who kidnapped NYC ? *sigh* I was starting to feel in Dana Scully mood, but whatever ... So the fact that I did not get it ... it is just me and my super power intelligence ? And guess what ... I am even MORE intelligent that that cause I have NO idea whatsoever what Phunky replied
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Damnit Charles, you're so NOT clever it amazes me
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Posted:It's hacker "|-|4x0r" languageFor those who would prefer google in a different language:Elmer Fudd stylePig LatinSwahiliAnd my favourite:Swedish Chef

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Posted:phunky, you're funny!
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and no it isn't!
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