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ME and a friend a long time back had always tried to get one person lying on their back doing a butterfly and the other weaving between the butterfly but now we have evolved it into much more one person lays their legs tucked back and does a simple butterfly the 2nd (if more than 2 3rd..4th etc) weaves through the butterfly (its all timing) then the 2nd person begins to spin in circles in the original spot they started in. soon after beging to rotate around the butterfly itself while spinning in circles and now if they are any good can switch it up to a behind the back weave as they spin or even behind the back to a normal weave (constantly switching back and forth) while this is occuring the 1st person can begin threading the needle while laying down and eventually stall on everyother thread if your timing is quick enough. for mopre info/pics contact me blue @ gc99rc@hotmail.compeace love and as always much much PLUR

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