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Posted:i bet this isnt a new move but i havenmt seen it anywere else. if is is a new move i wanna call it the onion blade. because thats what it looks lik. if it snt a new move feel free to moke and ostrasize me. im used to it OK you start with one poi and your hands at you waist. it is easiest if you hold the strap between you thumb and index finger. now spin them at such a speed and angle so that the glowstick/poi (loks better with glow stick) starts spining in a small circle parallel to mthe gound. this is hard to explain but easy to do. the chain makes an onion shaped orb if you spin it fast enough and the poi spins parallel to the ground. If you try this with poi it basically just looks like the poi are slowly huvering up and down. If you have any idea what i just said, please respond. let me know if im original or just a moron. peace

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Posted:Bdaze: Actually, I think that's a pretty slick trick! PJ (a local fire guy) uses that move with his uberpoi, which are four wicks per chain. It has, I would imagine, a similar effect, except the latitudes of the "onion" have streaks of fire in them.
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Posted:A friend of mine i introduced to poi a while back came up with that move on his first spin. He called it the "Daniel Special".------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====


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Posted:yeah, that is a very cool trick, anybody manage to get em vertical while doing this? ive been trying but not suceeding, i mean it should be possible if you do it fast enough right?

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Posted:BDAZE: Hey, I live in Manchester NH.. which is right next to you!! I'm looking for someone to practice with if you are interested. I go to Southern New Hampshire University. Give me an e-mail if you are interested. I can't beleive I finally found someone local that is into poi..
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Posted:This move sounds pretty cool, but I am having trouble understanding how to do it or what it is...could anyone help me out?Thanks, Chris------------------Defy Gravity!

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Posted:Chris,The easiest way I can explain how to do it is set the end of your poi on the ground and give your chain a bit of slack. hold the handle right above whatever you're using as a poi ball and start to spin the chain around it really fast. The chain will spin in a globe shape with the handle and poi ball creating the axis. I think you could probably get them vertical with longer chains to offset the weight of the poi balls. I remember doing it with the whip I had as a child.



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Posted:I don't think you can do this vertical because the wick acts as a centre of rotation at the base. I think the only way this could be done vertically is like a lassoo is twirled. It is very much the same kind of idea, but a lassoo only has half of the "onion" shape.

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Posted:this is a fun move, i'm really trying to get my left hand to where it can do it, cause i think it would be a kewl starting point, sit there and do that then, in a 'rope dart'-esque way kind of fling it out from the spin into a weave (i've sorta done thins and its fun but not sure how it looks)neways yeahwulff




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Posted:hehthis sounds sillybut try it with a long phone cord :P I've been doing that for yearsyou can easily get it vertical if you have a big length of phone cord (the spiraly springy kind)fun to play with.. esp when talking to ppl(the more stretched out the cord the better)

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