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Posted:instead of going out with glowsticks, or don't wanna pay the cash right now for a begginers kit, or are just tired of hitting youself in the face while trying to learn the basics of the weave and butterfly. One way i learned was by using good long socks, with rolled up socks inside them at the bottom. It sounds retarded, but actually helps you develope the hand movements of weave/reverse weave/butterfly/mexican weave/corckscrew/and even some wraps.thought i'd share some tips
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Posted:Ask anyone in the Sheffield area of the UK what Ive been using for the last few months and your suggestion wont sound silly at all.Ive been using socks for a while now. I think theyre fantastic for a number of reasons.1. Theyre cheap2. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes3. Theyre easy to wash (Just bleach white ones)4. White ones especially look WICKED under UV light5. Its easy to fashion some sort of handle on them (cutting & tying finger loops etc)6. You can be choosy in terms of weight; eg, you can put ANYTHING that fit in them. (I find tennis balls with a layer of bubble-wrap on them JUST right)7. Cant think of any more !!Im with you 100 % on that one Belrock... happy spinning !!!
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ps: Just thought B... if, for example, you put a tennis ball in a sock and just swing it, the bulk of the sock along the 'shaft', if you like, may cause quite a bit of drag depending on the thickness [of the sock]. I tend to put the ball in and then wrap some ribbon like material (usually something that looks cool under UV) around and around from end to end (bit like a Maypole) That way, I find it travells far more smoothly.Thats it now..!!!
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