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Posted:RIGHT! Had enough of these bloody things on strings...Sure, I've had some prett nasty bruises and a few semi-concussions (ay least my feiends were worried they might be) with staffs but poi are jst nasty evil little beasts!I'm just playing around wiht them, wouldn't have clocked up 20 hours yet andgetting quit ehappy doind a thing that I think is called the weave ans spinning around...gently and graceful like a dying swan ( :P )and then BAM!!! out of nowhere one of them accellerates to lightspeed for no apparent reason and smacks me in the nose.Cursing and holding my bleeding nose, I wonder if this is a common occurance or if my poi just don't like staffers like me...------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.comhttp://juggling.co.nz

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Posted:ow...yes poi are a more fickle beast
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congrats on getting over the usual staffer prejudice, and hopping on the Poi pain wagon for a while
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its a bit different...Just bear in mind, all of us ::indicates poi community:: have been through what you are going through.I actually reakon poi is a bit like doubles...Josh


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Posted:mmm, poi are devils until youve shown them whose boss, staffs are much nicer, tamer beasts, but poi can become such, they just take longer...

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Posted:See? I told you. Although, that said, I'm getting better with poi. They seem less intent on killing me than the original set i made (and subsequently buried)and....*voice drops to a low whisper* one of my new glowstaffs attacked me tonight and split my eyebrow open. Which is nice.Just goes to show, you never know....

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Posted:yeah i hear you bro i just made myself some poi today and the first thing i do is conk myself in the nose then the elbow then the family jewelsalthough poi is funi think staff is a little safer for my future children------------------May the force be with you

May the force be with you


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Posted:*prepares to be smirked at by staffers*Well, I can't get the hang of staff for the life of me. Bruised almost every part of my body and quite a few on other peoples. I think you lot who keep twatting yourself should just slow your poi down - they only have to be fast enough to keep the leash tight.Oh - and just wait till you try spinning glowsticks as poi. They are sooooooooooooo painful!------------------http://welcome.to/thehugbubble The Mug Shot Gallery MSN Poi Community Words to memerise, words hypnotise, words make my mouth exercise.

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Posted:Try beaming poi...they don't hurt a bit!
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j/kI learned with poi that were made out of balled up socks with dried beans sewed in them. Nice weight, no hurt!And for the record, staff can hurt just as bad and be just as dastardly. I think both toys want us to know they are who is boss!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...http://www.pyromorph.com

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Posted:yeah ,socks are good for practice .though ,earlier today my brother wanted me to teach him the first time poise ,so i made 1 from socks and we started to play ,showed him some of the first moves ,and then let him practice .15 min after i heard ascream from the back yard ,and my bro comes in holding his ..well..nuts ,and singing soprano,both of the poise hit him 1 after the other .hehe,oh ,yeah ,and i guess it runs in the family cause awhile ago while spinning fire with afew folks i managed to recieve adirect hit in the balls from another guy's poi (we we're trying to throw or anything ,mind ya .)Love Peace &Happyness


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Posted:Two poi inna nuts is worth one stick inna kneecap.
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Love[This message has been edited by Nix? (edited 27 December 2001).]

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Posted:Yeah, after years and years of using a staff, (though only recently with fire) I started playing with poi. I was soooo happy when I learned the butterfly. Then out of no where the wicks hit each other and then proceeded to smack me square in the nuts.
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Horrible blnding pain. I'm not as keen on poi anymore. I've burned my hair and my skin, busted up my knees, and even knocked myself out cold with a staff, but never, NEVER have I got hit in the yarbles. It ruined my whole day.
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But then I suppose I should get used to it. My brother's bought me a three section staff for christmas...Um... I think they're trying to kill me
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. I keep thinking how completly sick it's gonna look when it's on fire, but then the concussion I suffered from it yesterday may be fogging my judgement. ------------------If you love something, set it on fire.[This message has been edited by SickpuPpy (edited 27 December 2001).]

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