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Posted:Ok let me start off in my defence:1. I have no idea what people are calling this move therefore couldnt search for it.2.If its been posted before im going to post it again. SorryStart with a regular forward 3 beat weave...{insert personal varations here}Get to a reverse 3 or 5 beat weave.Then...Split the poi to either side of your body and alow them to wrap 1 time around your hands and get a firm grip on the cable/chain.Resume reverse 3 beat with your shortned chains...{insert personal varations here}and then back into a forward 3 point with chains still shortened.Now the buzzsaw!spin both the poi to the inside of your arms (still verticle) moving your hands as if you are using a boxing speed ball the poi are now buzzsawing about 4cm from your nose on a verticle plane.To get out i simultaniously release my hold on the chain and go back into a forward 3 point.Some points to note:Dont go streight into a buzzsaw after dipping or you will get a face full of fuelTry to get the poi from reverse 3 point, shorten your chains and back to 3 point in just one rotation as it looks much better.Is this "buzzsaw" move already named? if so what?Give it a try and see what you think!------------------The Sand...The Surf... The Flame.

The Sand...The Surf... The Flame.

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Posted:I think the move you're describing is generally refered to as "burning the nose". You don't have to do it from reverse you can also do it from forward, and you can also turn the move from forward to reverse or vice verca with out going back from a weave.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====

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Posted:You can throw in one (or more) spins of the buzzsaw in the middle of a weave for even more revolutions and an interesting tunnel effect. Good as a buildup to the buzzsaw.

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Posted:Where I come from they call them bicycles. Maybe we should take a poll to name this trick once and for all.------------------!You've just been Skeked!

!You've just been Skeked!

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Posted:I vote for Bicycle

Let us Light up the Night

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Posted:how about "black eye" or "black eye susan" cause that's all i ever get when i practice that move...------------------~ Tiger, Tiger, burning bright... ~

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Posted:A "black-eyed susan" is a big yellow flower with a black center.Don't confuse the foreigners.Maximus


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Posted:Burn-the-nose (BTN) gets my vote.I'm off to the Nippy Chipper...

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Posted:I'm a big fan of the buzzsaw name. That's just kewl. We need more kewl names I mean, look what we have!*Butterfly*Weave*Thread the Needle*Mexican WaveAt lest w/ the last one they started to move away from the feminem namessum suggestions? Skull crusher, widow maker, ball smasher, brain thrasher, spinal tap, etc.now just to get moves to go with the names...[This message has been edited by DaIVIouth (edited 08 January 2002).]

Posted:Well - Heather Katinca and I have been working the buzzsaw into our twirling muchly.K and H reckon its easiest when done backwards (poi coming up into face region) and I prefer the fwds variation.Lets discuss what can be done with a Buzzsaw then shall we?while just keeping it going in front of you in the vertical plane, you can do all the flame worship stuff like going down on your knees and leaning back and stuff like that..I'm 6'1" and I like to put it between my legs and then bring it back out...When its in front, I like to tip it on its side and turn my body in circles in the same direction as the outer poi is turning while jumping all over the place..I'm told it looks nice.I also like to do little double wrist wraps to reverse the direction of the buzzsaw, although I havent managed this in the horizontal plane yet.I also like to do one when I take the buzzsaw up over my head, and then twist my body around so that I can keep it in the vertical plane while turning my body through 360 degrees...kinda need that one on vid I reckon...but it certainly feels good!
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Anyhow - I really like this move...its one of the dancier arty moves I reckon
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oh yeah - we can do a BTB buzzsaw too...but make sure you have short chains or your back will get some black marks on it
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Posted:I like buzzsaw when it looks like a buzzsaw, I consider a "burn the nose" move any inside vertical spin.I've seen Josh's horizontal spin - it is nice.My fire poi are cable and don't shorten too well, so I can only do the buzzsaw with my non-fire poi. I have tried that between the legs thing, I couldn't bring it back out so I turned it into a forward roll.

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Posted:Does anyone have this move on a link somewhere? I can do just about anything I can see but I have a real hard time visualizing something from the description.Thanks in advance!PeaceT'sa

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Posted:in the move sections, jo derry writes this move and calls it the wheel...

anyone got a light?

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Posted:Thanks! I got it now. I don't know why a little stick guy would make it any easier but I guess it did.PeaceT'sa

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Posted:This will probably add to the confusion, but I think there are a few different moves here. The Buzzsaw - where poi are swung inside the arms. Wheels - where poi are swung outside the arms, and Ferris wheels - where you spin wheels out in front, and move the poi (doing wheels) around the body like well, a Ferris wheel.
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