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Posted:I don't think I am getting this right.. I start with a regular weave and then as they are on one side, instead of bringing them back over to the other side, i keep them there and let the poi strings tangle. Then I bring them back over to the other side and let them untangle.. But this doesn't seem to look right... any tips?

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Posted:Although it is possible, depending on your equipment, to do an 'entangling' 5-beat weave, it's kind of unpredictable. Now, I only learned the move when a friend demonstrated it to me, but you need to actually cross your wrists around each other (imagine you're tangling your wrists rather than your chains). Supposing you are on the right side, your right wrist will be on top, with your right hand curled down around your left wrist; your left hand will be curling upward.It's a very timing-sensitive move. You need to fight the urge to cross over too soon. It also helps (especially when learning) to let your trailing chain catch up with your leading chain right before crossing over. And you need to get used to the "wrist cycling" action, especially after you are "wound up"--you need to learn how to unwind and then rewind, which is trickier than just getting wound up the first time.

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