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Posted:I've been wondering what are the favorites combos from all the people here?would be nice to get any new ideas...

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Posted:You will need to do a search if you want a good reply, because there have been alot of post on this in the past. Lots for you to read!!!! I like to mix up all the butterflys and the same with the weaves. What I think looks really good is when someone can transition smoothly from one thing to another with only doing one or two beats of each move and when your done you don't remember what the hell you did but it looked great!!!



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Posted:LMAO auger hahahaha!!!!Well i will asnwer you cause it really piss me off an asnwer like flaming mad when i asked :P i did serach and find few post with like 3 replies? O_oOk my favorite combo is this one.. I start doing low waves then BTB butterfly(one beat) then Overhead rev butterfly wrap get in a reverse weave then low fountain then fountain then BTB waeave then BTB weave turns like 3 turns and weave and i finish there... i always do that at least once everytime i use these stuff
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Posted:ehh. combos hehehefountains= weave, windmilllower fountain= weave, rev weave without turningfull fountain= weave, wind, rev weavethat's all boy360 weave, 360 btb weave, turns turns move a lot, wrap a few here and there, and combo!!