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Posted:Hello everyoneI don't know if most have u have noticed, but nobody ever logs into the chat room!!! I have been on there a number of times and nobody is ever there! I know some of users have found this out aswell, so i suggest that maybe we could arrange a time and date and we could all meet and chat together?? Just a suggestion, but let me know what u think.Keep Smiling
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Posted:I agree.I mean why would there be a chat room if not for peope to chat? It's alot more fun to chat than to post...Don't ya think?if you have icq you can get in touch with mesee ya!!103688327Noa

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Posted:Yeah, sounds coolWhat about the 6 or 8 pm times?I also have ICQ - 103632148MSNe-mail yeah chatting would be much better than posts or e-mail, but don't hesitate to use the e-mail to organise a live chat.Seeya's and hopefully talk ta ya later

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