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Help! I've searched on this, but found nothing. Whats the trick to stop the chains hitting each? I get them going for a few revolutions and can't keep them apart, and believe me I have tried! :-)~M
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i learned this a few days ago... just keep watching the video in the poi lessons. your hand needs to move in zig zags, kinda, or an "S" like a snake moves. i found it easier to do with one between pointer and middle; and ring and pinky...

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Try rocking your wrist up and down to keep your index finger in front on the downbeat and behind on the upbeat.------------------ Ribbons of color twining and flux, open tomorrow for me

Ribbons of color twining and flux, open tomorrow for me

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Keep your hand very strong and your wrist stiff. having said that however, there is probly more than one way to do this...Although of the ppl I've seen do it well, they had strong up down movements with the finger configuration StoryTeller described.::waits for Pozee::Josh

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Ah... since we're on the topic, does anybody have tips for doing one-handed butterfly over your head? I can do it fine in front of me, but I have no idea how to do it oover the head, although it is possible, I do it occasionally. I just have very little idea as to how I do it.

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hey mad girl betty...perhaps you should post this as a seperate question?As it is a different question - I think you will get better responses if you seperate it from this thread...Josh

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Wow, that's a freaky concept MadGirl. I'm not even going to attempt trying it, but I'll offer this: Think it through really slowly, where are the pois going to go, how will they miss each other and how do you need to hold them to make sure they miss. Then speed it up and give it a go.More power to ya, I'd be clobbering my ears for sure.

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Marlboro:the one-handed bf is easiest if you separate the handles by at least a finger or two , and make sure you're holding one handle further down than the other, its easier if you get one poi spining on a slightly smaller plane, not noticable, but they clack together a whole lot less. After you get this work on the split time one handed bf, and when you get that, go from in time to spit time one handed by making half a star with your hands, you can actually go around in a circle and backwards, looks sick and nobody can figure out how the hell you do it. Another cool move to work on from this is put the handles between your teeth for a no hands butterfly, if you get really good you can STEP THROUGH this and turn 180 and have a reverse no hands bf. I have only managed this once, but still working on it.MAD GIRL:The over the head one handed works exactly the same as the two handed. you just need to get the feel for it, and throw it up at the same time you would do it if it were a two hand bf. there is also a nice way to do this move with a one handed split time, except you throw it behind your back instead of over your head, prolly the sweetest looking butterfly move there is, as a matter of fact you can STEP THROUGH the split time butterfly as many times as you want
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, looks so f*cking tight. I've gotten pretty good at going from one handed bf front to over the head to front to split time to behind the back to front split to in time, etc. all with one hand, a little harder to do with my left hand tho. There are also a couple of one handed bf wraps you can do as well, but they are quite difficult to get consistantly. Practice practice practice, and good luck.

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