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Location: clearwater florida usa
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Posted:ne 1 out a righty who HAD a problem usin there left hand, n fixed the problem?????? tha damn thing wont listen >;\


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Girl From Mars
Girl From Mars

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Posted:do not fret. THE LEFT HAND IS ALWAYS DUMB!!! any new moves you learn or if you are a beginner the left hand will be dumb. but don't worry. practice with just your left hand sometimes if you are having problems with a move. it will come around. i've been spinning for two year or more and sometime my left still gets dumb. just keep working on it. happy twirling.------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.


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Posted:god tell that to a pianist...

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Posted:JUST WORK AT IT!!!!I have that problem quite often!!The way to do it is just to take it slow and steady, and go through the right hand moves 1st a few times then really concentrating go for it with the left.REALLY SLOWLY DOES IT!!! Where is the problem? STOP at the point you have the difficulty (i.e. you keep bashing your head when doing a shoulder swing) and work out what went wrong and what youre gonna try and to to sort it.It takes time but really its just about conditioning so WORK AT IT!!!Gruff
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Posted:come on bubblez... you've been spinning a week, ya can't expect miracles!
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really tho, you're learning quikkkk.. keep practicing, and listen to the "spin slowly" advice, these guys know whut they're talkin about. you'll never catch me tho...
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Posted:Pele once mentioned that she should make a glove that says "I'm with stupid ===>" So true, so true...

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


Location: Seattle, USA
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Posted:I second the slow approach. And use your pokey left (or right if your a lefty) more. I've learned thru a number of people that if you train a muscle slowly it will do what you want more precisly if you speed it up. That way your body knows exactly what other little supporting muscled to use to make the desired effect...I create, I destroy... who said I cant have the best of both worlds

I create, I destroy... who said you can't have the best of both worlds!


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Posted:i'm a lefty.i have trouble with my righty.stupid, nasty, wicked, evil righty!DO AS I COMMAND YOU!


Posted:oooo! My Patented Left-Hand Training Method (For THose Who Don't Own Cars)practise as per usual, BUT when you go out to catch the train/bus/whatever, take ONE poi with you, and while you wait at a stop/station, practise just simple stuff with your left hand.thats how i managed.


Whiffle Squeek
Whiffle Squeek

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Posted:mmm, thats exactly what i do, my left hand is so awkward and slow, so before i even attempt a move with both hands, i work only with my left hand and put it through the move by itself until it does it fairly smootheven then if you watch your hands, say for example when weaving, my left hand still looks less smooth and slower than my right, it looks more mechanical not like its actually spinning...

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Corporate Circus Arts Entertainer
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Posted:There's been several studies conducted with performers and scientists on the issue of motor-skills learning, and many of these did focus on the lefthand/righthand differences.It's been a while since I have read some of the results but one of the conclusions is that a lot of people (not all) benfit from learning a pattern with their "strong" hand (or leg etc) and then practicing with the "dumb" hand once the body knows the pattern.Generally, it's much much faster to learn a skill with your good hand as the body is good at transferring that learned pattern into the dumb hand afterwards.I recall that the control group (this was for juggling one handed-patterns) took almost twice as long as the strong-hand group to learn dumb-handed actions. The control was practicing equal amounts with each hand, alternating them quickly. The group which practiced soley with the dumbhand first took over 5 times as long to learn as the group who practiced soely with there stronghand.There were a few individuals who did follow the curves although they were under 10% of the people tested.A summary was that learning the pattern with the strong hand and then practicing more with the dumbhand was the fastest way for most subjects to learn a two-handed skill where both hands were as strong as each other...And yes, there were lefties and righties in both groups, and there seemed to be no difference %wise between their learning abilities.I'll try to find some of the studies but it was a while ago (back at uni) that I read it.Hope this helps...------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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