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Heya all, I've been reading through a some posts and kinda got lost on the lingo...I'm only a newbie to the "twirler dialect" so plz humor me....I understand weave and all the moves listed on the poi-lessons (which are great teachers btw), but things like tht, and bhb and btb, kinda lost me. Is btb Behind the back?Also what are wraps? is that where the poi wraps around your arm or leg or something? does this work on fire?Is there a trick with Behind the back? flexibility exercises or something?Is there a chance of getting some of these moves put on the lessons list?thanks.

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Yes a wrap is when the poi wraps around something. Usualy a body part. It can be done with fire. If your hairy, your gonna smell it. If your poi has alot of exposed hot metal it will leave a little mark (nothing permant), and if you don't spin the Kero off enough it might leave a rash. But it's worth it and it's not that bad. As for the behind the back stuff, they are in the lessons, they take alittle work, but are alot of fun. As for the rest you'll pick up on that fast just keep reading and learning. Australia, seems to have a very active fire twirling sceen. You sould be able to hook up with a group fairly easily, just go to the meet other section.------------------Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with "normal" people. Nothing good ever comes from hanging out with normal people.

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Yeah, BTB is Behind The Back.. :PBTH is Behind the HeadBHB was said as a joke in a message here in the Moves discussion area..
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As for behind the back moves...just learn it in steps. First learn how to move one poi fluently back and forth from front to back, then practice both(butterfly) Then practice doing regular forward swings behind your back. Then try both poi(the chase, or 2-beat weave, or fig8). Good luck..
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