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Posted:I've done a search and I don't think anyone has mentioned doing multiple poi. Now granted I am not yet up to this standard, but I wouldn't be surprised if others here have done/can do/thought about working with multiple poi (ie 3 or more).Since many of you talk about doing 1-handed tricks - how about doing 2 in each hand? having two butterflies going at the same time, one crossing high, the other crossing low would look freaky. Doing them at right angles to the body would make it look like you were trying to fly!!Anyone tried this (or willing to try)?

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Girl From Mars
Girl From Mars

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Posted:i have seen such was at a polynesian show......there was a girl doing poi ball and she had 4 total. she started with two and the other two were in her belt....she took the two did a 1 handed butterfly and alternated with it over head the back infront, did that a couple times. held the bf and took out a third in the free hand. then alternated again over head and back with both (poi lessons over head butterfly) then put both back in front. stopped the single one and pulled out the fourth one (with 1 handed bf still going with other hand this whole time) with the third and forth she started a 1 handed two butterflys happening , one in each hand. the proceeded to amaze me by doing the over head bfs with both. try that. good luck. ive been trying since i saw it------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.



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Posted:Here's the most pertinent one but when I enter "2 poi in one hand" into the search it yielded about 20+ threads, most of which I admit I don't think were applicable. I know you will like this one though! Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:Funny thing--just in the past couple days, I've started thinking of making a pair "mini-meteors", one for each hand. This might be a little different from multi-poi, but same general idea. Will try it out and get back.

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Posted:i have done one meteor, keeping it in the butterfly and one poi doing wraps and turns with both and stuff like that, but when i tried to get my buddy to put his butterfly into my hand a long time ago i couldn't do it...

anyone got a light?


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Posted:I've though a bit about this. I would think it would be easier to do with glow-sticks, one on each end of a string. You could do all sorts of stuff from regular poi to 4 heads, handless wraps, juggling type things...I would be very interested to see a 4 poi weave
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Posted:4-poi weave? I guess it would look like a double stave weave
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- in fact - everything you can do with doubles, you should theoretically be able to do with 4 poi. Ive never seen anyone even come close to pulling it off..tho I keep my eyes open.Josh


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Posted:I do multi poi. I've actually got 5 sets of chains I'm still waiting on the rest of the grips but I do have 2
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I love doin them. I tried a double one handed bf for the first time last night and it turned into a knot from hell. took me forever to get them all apart. I also do a move where it's like a 5 beat weave on each hand I guess. I kinda spin them over my shoulders on each side and it forces them apart. I wanna get up to doin all 5 sets sometime next year. Hehe it's auctually what I invisioned when I started doin poi.
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Would be sweet if we could get a list of multi poi moves I haven't been able to do anything but pretty simple moves and keep them apart.

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